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San Diego Con Programs

Hi again Folks!
OK, last post of the night.  I promise.  Maybe.
I just received my little batch of SDCC programs over the weekend and went through them looking for Sergio & Groo.  (Ruben, take note.) 
But first, let me say that if you want a concise history of comics, fascinating articles about artists, writers, publishers, characters, pictures (including pictures of people with really bad hair from the 70's)  and tons of fabulous published-nowhere-else art by all the greats, man you should start collecting San Diego Comic Con programs.  I constantly found myself stopping to look at fantastic art and read things like Mark's eulogy to voice actor supreme Daws Butler (Yogi bear, Captain Crunch, half a zillion others), an article about the 3 Stooges by Moe's daughter, and a bunch of another things.  Also the transformation in appearance by Scott Shaw! is amazing.  So much so, HE wrote an article about it and drew a split picture of himself.  Mark also has some great art pop up.  He can draw Scooby Doo, the Flinstones, and all the other Hana-Barbera folks with the best of them. 
Anywho, I was hoping to find a pre-Destroyer Duck Groo a la SCENE Magazine, but no such luck. Here is Sergio's art in the Con programs: (btw, he did the cover of the 1976 Con Program)
1977- 1 page multi-panel cartoon
1978- 1 page multi-panel cartoon
1979- No Sergio art anywhere.
1980- 1/2 page one-panel cartoon
1981- 1/2 page one-panel cartoon
1982- No Sergio contribution, BUT the earliest sighting (July) of the one-page original art ad (b&w) advertising Groo coming to Pacific.  Showed up a month later in StarSlayer #4 in color on the back cover.  But now it gets its own line on the Groo List for being in the Con program earlier.
1983- No Sergio art.  (Sergio is in a photo ad for a comic shop and the 1st Groo t-shirt is in an ad.
1984- No Sergio Contribution, but an Original Groo in an ad for a comic shop.    
1985- No Sergio art  (Just a little Epic ad)
1986-Hey, I don't have it yet, but there is a Sergio contribution w/ Groo art.
1987-1994-(except 1988 when there was nothing Sergio) Sergio contributions with Groo either as a main character or an incidental drawing  Also, Groo is in a special Surprize B-Day for Jack Kirby program from the 1987 con (main character) & on the cover of the 1994 Events Guide (very obscure)
1995-1998- No Groo & I have to double check to see if Sergio made any contributions w/o Groo because I've forgotten and didn't write it down and don't want to look it up now!!!  (sorry, Ruben)
1998 Comic Book Expo (for exhibitors preceding Con) Sergio cover with tiny Groo
1999- Sergio contribution w/Groo
I'm sure that's more than all but a handful want to know, but then you should be used to that from me by now.  But really folks, the Con programs are something any real diehard comic fan should try to track down. 
take care all -Gary G.