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GrooFest, Numbers & Nates's Invite

Hi Folks!
GrooFest 2000 plans remain on hold until a date can be worked out.  It's tough for Sergio to know what will or won't work out that far in advance, plus he didn't realize the number of folks who plan (hope, want) to come. 
You know, pretty much everyone but Chad wants to come around the time of the San Diego Con  (poor ol' Chad works for a TV (?) station and July is a ratings month).  So why don't we have as a "fall back and punt" plan, all going to and meeting at the San Diego Con in 2000?  The 4 Groo Crewers will be there and maybe we could have an impromptu or semi-planned GrooFest Luncheon  (If we can catch Mark in between panels).  Anywho, it's a thought.    
note to Larry & biblical numerologists:  Fortunately, my denomination doesn't get into that junk. Note to Nate:  There is nothing on your invititation that any Christian should find offensive.  Except maybe the fact that you hid your address so we can't find the place and crash the party!!!  (Teeny theology lesson: Despite the "End Times" industry, Jesus never said when the Judgement Day was coming.  He just said be ready when it does, i.e, always be ready.)  Of course, this is coming from the guy who upsets his fundamentalists friends on a regular basis by telling them Pat Robertson is the antiChrist and Jerry Falwell is a baffoon.  On the other hand, they like it when I say the Universalist Unitarians and the Mormons are heretics.  I have more respect for agnostics and nonaggressive atheists than self righteous bible thumpers and other christians whose theology isn't even in line with the Apostles Creed.  And actually, so did Jesus (I think Demon Squirrel will back me up on this one)  
Ooo!  Sorry.  Didn't mean to get off on that!  Ouch Off topic AND offensive.  Let's see. I'll at least pull it into an On Topic thing....
And they all think comics, including Groo, are either stupid or evil, so to heck with 'em!!!!!!!
And before I get royally flamed on, I want to tell the folks who have asked for one or both the Groo posters that it may take me a bit to get them mailed because things are crazy around here. 
Take care all -Gary G.