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Re: Groo's Brother!!! No! No! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Nate Piekos wrote:
> ~~~ Great leapin' kumkuats!  I may be the record holder for most
> posts in a year, but Gary surely  must win for largest single
> post... 10K!

[Engage Serious Mode]
There's a very good reason for that - Gary's using Outlook Express
which is posting his messages in HTML instead of plain text.  There
are a number of reasons why this is a Bad Idea(TM), which I can go
into if anyone's that interested - the main one is that an email in
HTML format is *twice as big* as a plain-text format.  It uses twice
the disk space, takes twice as long to send/download etc...

Basically, all of Gary's messages are twice as big as they need to be,
which is why out of the 20 largest Groop messages I have for the last
month or so, Gary's got 13 of them.  (Of the other 7, one has a
picture attached, 2 others are in HTML format, and the other 4 are
just plain long.)  Of course, it's also partly because Gary just talks
a lot... :-)

It's very easy to fix this - in Outlook Express, go to Options in the
Tools menu, select the Send tab, and select "Plain Text" not "HTML"
down the bottom where it says "Mail (or News) Sending Format".

Not picking on you Gary, it's just this is one of the things I've had
hammered into me by people I've spent time with on some of the geekier
parts of the 'net...
[End Serious Mode]

Cheese dip,
Denis Hackney - http://www.mpx.com.au/~dhackney/
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    to see me looking back at you...