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Re: Groo's Brother!!! No! No! NOOOOOO!!!!!

>It's very easy to fix this - in Outlook Express, go to Options in the
>Tools menu, select the Send tab, and select "Plain Text" not "HTML"
>down the bottom where it says "Mail (or News) Sending Format".

OK, let's see, Tools menus, options, send tab.  Dang!  There it is!  HTML is
clicked and plain text is noit.  Well, heck, I can change that.  There!  Ok,
now I'll send them a message.  oops!  Wait a minute.  I think I forgot to
press the Apply button.  Hmm, I'll go back and check.  Yep!  It's back on
HTML..  OK. Plain Text.  Apply.  There that aught to do it.  Now if only I
new how tro get rid of the connection noise when I dial up my Server!
Thanks Denis!  I appreciate being told I was doing something I didn't have
the foggiest I was doing, especially when you tell me how to change it!
Take care -Gary G.