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GrooFest, Numbers

> You know, pretty much everyone but Chad wants to
> come around the time of the San Diego Con  (poor ol'
> Chad works for a TV (?) station and July is a
> ratings month.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If
GrooFest2000 happens to fall in July, so be it. If
those bastards at work don't let me off, I'll quit!
It's a matter of getting your priorities straight. 

(Motioning to the left: "GROO?".... motioning to the
right: "Work."... looking left to right in mock
indecision... "Um, Groo!")

July is a MINOR ratings month... and the boss man is
cool. Whatever happens, happens. And if it's at all
possible, by God I'll be there.

Plus, I've never been to San Diego, let alone the
'Con.... so making a trip out of it would be cool.


Chad M. Riden
ICQ # 9922135
webweenie @ http://fly.to/idiots.com
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