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Re: fanboy

Hello folks
After reading the computer translator results, I thought I might say
to put some light into our little Spanish confusion and try to translate

Jose Luis message into Japanese for you...
A random thought: what would happen if Sergio left the wordsmithing and
cryptanalising to a computer tool?
Another random thought: whatever happened to those recurrent
Portuguese posts? I miss them.
Original message and translation follow:

> hola daniel
> muchas gracias por lo de "doomed".. estoy desconectado
> de los matices de cada palabra. llevo en la lista un
> mes solo. tengo el juego, sí, esta de muerte. es el
> unico al que juego ya. a ver si aceleran la coleccion
> de groo, que va muy atrasada, eh? no se si me
> preguntaste mi edad, por si acaso, tengo 19 y tu?

Thanks very much for the "doomed" stuff... I don't know the
nuances of every word yet. I've been only a month in the list.
I have the game all right, and it's dead fun. It is the only game
I play these days. I wish they started speeding up the publication
of Groo, I think it is going at a very slow pace. I don't know
whether you asked me about my age, I'm 19, and you?

I guess I incurred in a series of typos and other grooisms,
so I can't wait to see who will be the first now to take this
opportunity (as good as any other) to make slow of mind
jokes and Tracy Lord references.

As you all see, the card game is becoming very popular in Spain,
even though it has never been published here. Many friends of mine,
who are not not comicbook readers, are starting reading Groo
after having tried the game.
Parenthetical words to Jose Luis: (¡Shhhh! si quieres enviar cosas, no
te cortes por el ingles, que mola igual, y si quieres, me envías el
en español y yo lo traduzco y lo mando. Lo de los paréntesis significa
que nadie nos oye mientras hablamos.)
Daniel the human decoder

Lia Bulaong escribió:

> Hi everyone,
> I was curious and my spanish sucks, so I ran Jose Luis' message
> through http://translator.go.com, and this is what I got:
> ------------------
> hello Daniel
> thank you very much by the one of " doomed ".. I am disconnected
> of the shades of each word I have been in the list a single month I
> have the game, yes, this of death.  it is the unico to which game
> already to see if they accelerate the collection of groo, that goes
> very slow, eh?  not if you asked my age to me, just in case, I have
> 19 and your?
> ------------------
> Say what? Guess maybe the translator's spanish isn't all too much
> better than mine. Oh well, at least now I have a general idea of
> what he said.
> Lia