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Re: OT: modem sound

On a Win95 or Win98 machine, you can [right click] My Computer. [Click] Properties. Then [Click] the Device Manager tab. Locate your Modem Icon on the new window. [Select] the modem icon and [Click] Properties. Now, I don't remember where, somewhere within the 2 or 3 tabs you'll locate a 'bullet' that you can clikc or slide to disable the sound or just simply lower the sound.

Hope it helps.

At 10:44 AM 12/8/99 -0600, Schechner & Associates wrote:
>Now if only I
>new how tro get rid of the connection noise when I dial up my Server!

Depending on what brand of modem you have, there should be a setting for
"silent" operation. Of course, I live in Mac-land, where things are easy,
but there is a "modem" control panel which one can use to turn the sound