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Free Music with RealPlayer Plus - 36 streaming CDs!


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Dear RealPlayer User,

For a limited time, you can get exclusive access to 36 full-length 
albums delivered online in RealAudio when you upgrade to 
RealPlayer 7 Plus. You'll hear every song from a variety of great
BMG recording artists, including the Foo Fighters, Clint Black,
Sarah Maclachlan and Barry White. That's 3 new CDs each week for 
the next 12 weeks - all free when you order RealPlayer 7 Plus!

To get access to this free music, simply order and download 
RealPlayer 7 Plus by visiting:

=> http://www.real.com/products/plusdeal.html

In addition to free music, RealPlayer 7 Plus gives you the best
RealAudio and RealVideo experience, including: 

· The best RealAudio and RealVideo quality
· Superb audio with a 10-band EQ
· Brilliant video with picture controls
· SmartEQ automatically optimizes your audio quality
· Tune in live radio from around the world with over 150 built-in
· Daily news, sports and entertainment programming with our
  Take5 daily entertainment show
· Easier access to your favorite clips with custom one-click icons
· Just $29.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee

To order and download RealPlayer Plus, visit:

=> http://www.real.com/products/plusdeal.html

Here are more of the artists you will hear for free when you download
RealPlayer 7 Plus:

- Alan Jackson      - Naughty By Nature
- Kenny G           - ZZ Top
- Whitney Houston   - The Dave Matthews Band

To access the music after you've purchased and downloaded 
RealPlayer 7 Plus, simply look for the instructions in your 
RealPlayer 7 Plus email receipt or visit your RealNetworks Customer

For more information about this great offer, visit:

=>  http://www.real.com/products/plusbmg.html

Thank you for continuing to use RealNetworks products and services.


Maria Cantwell, Senior Vice President
RealNetworks, Inc.
Seattle, WA  USA


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