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Posters, addresses, Spanish Groos

Hi Folks!

All's quiet on the Groopie Front Tonight!  But here are a couple of

Chad:  I'm sending you DH Extra #14
Jacob:  You too, but I still need your address.
Pack Rat (Dan) You too, plus the card you traded for.

Saad: I'm sending you the DH Insider Poster, but I still need your address.
Sean:  Same goes for you.

Finn:  I'm sending you both posters.

Unirabbit:  I'll get a Washington postcard and send it to you if you want.
I need your address and do you want me to send the postcard or put it in an
envelope and send it to you?  Also, do you want Mt Rainier or the space
needle or the state capital building or one of each? Those are the easiest
to find

These should go out tommorrow or Monday at the latest.  Is there anyone I'm

Larry, Saad, TGD, & Co.  Did you guys ever make it to Groo Street?

And finally,  I found out #11 of the new Spanish reprints came out and so
did a Spanish trade paperback of the Thiias story.  So that's #1000 & 1001
on the Groo Count!  It's also Spanish Groo comic #43 & #44, pushing Spain
past Norway as the country with the most Groo comic books. (actually, you
could say it's been Spain for a while because the last 22 of the Norweigen
Groos were in a publication called Humor Paraden, which were collections of
humor, Groo being the primary contribution.)  Brazil is third, or second
depending on how you look at it, with 30.

Have a great weekend all -Gary G.

PS  My daughter is 13 today.  There is a sleepover with 6 other girls going
on as I write this.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!