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Re: Letīs panic later & Spanish Groos

Jose luis escribió:

> well.. after readin´  Lia´s translation of my last
> message I think I will try to write in english from
> now on. The translation was very literal... Im afraid
> that it could be misunderstood. Anyway, its
> interesting to read my own words translated to a very
> weird english...

Though I'm not the one to say it, your English is OK.
And remember, it was not Lia's translation; it was done by a machine ...
and machines are never better than humans (except when it comes to Groo,
provided we consider Groo a human being). My translation was a human
product... I hope you liked it better!

>And finally,  I found out #11 of the new Spanish reprints came out and
did a Spanish trade paperback of the Thiias story.  So that's #1000 &
on the Groo Count!  It's also Spanish Groo comic #43 & #44

Congratulations, Gary and everybody for #1000! I'm happy that this
number was reached by a Spanish Groo issue. Hey, Gary, how do you make
the Spanish Groo count? Do you count only all issues with
Spain-exclusive Sergio covers and drawings, or all Groo material
published in Spain?
If I am not misinformed, Spain is the country with more American
comic-books, so it is just right that we are also second with Groo
Daniel Cortes