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Re: Unidentified subject!

Schechner & Associates escribió:

> I don't know what's going on here, but I think I understand this message!
> It looks like this guy is an Argentinian <something> who wants to know how
> he can communicate with Sergio. I don't get the next phrase, but then he
> gives his name and email address and thanks us very much. Hey, Dan Cortes,
> did I do good? Tell me all those hours in 7 AM Spanish class 30 years ago
> weren't a total waste! Please!
> Glorko
> >    Soy Un dibujante argentino y quiero saber a que direccion me  tengo
> >que dirigir para comunicarme con Sergio Aragones, si es que hay forma de
> >hacerlo   Mi nombre es damian Zain Mi direccion de e-mail es:
> >dzain@mpvision.com.ar   desde ya infinitas gracias

Yes, Gary, you got the meaning, and you didn't waste your time with your
Spanish classes at all. I'd try and translate the whole message to everybody
to see if anyone can help him:I'm an Argentinian artist and I'd like to know
to which address I can get in touch with Sergio Aragones, if there is a way.
My name is Damian Zain , and my email is dzain@mpvision.com.ar
A million thanks in advance.

That's all
Daniel the Spanish translator