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Re: Let´s panic later & Spanish Groos

Daniel Cortes Wrote:

>Congratulations, Gary and everybody for #1000! I'm happy that this
>number was reached by a Spanish Groo issue. Hey, Gary, how do you make
>the Spanish Groo count? Do you count only all issues with
>Spain-exclusive Sergio covers and drawings, or all Groo material
>published in Spain?
>If I am not misinformed, Spain is the country with more American
>comic-books, so it is just right that we are also second with Groo

The Spanish Groo count is:

Groonan El Vagabundo #1-#12  (Epic #1-#17):  12
Groo the Wanderer #1-#11 (Epic #18-#39):       11
7 Trade paperbacks  (Epic #40-#75, #80-#83)     7
Vida y Muerte (Life & Death of Groo)                 1
Groo O Errante  #1-#11  (Epic #1-#11)              11
Groo Cronicas #1 & #2 (Groo Chronicles #1-#6)  2
                                                          Total:   44

All of these except the "Groonan" series have original covers.  The first
trade paperback has a five page original introduction with Sergio talking to
the reading audience, in Spanish of course, but Mark is there too and he
speaks in English.  The first Groo O Errante has a one page intro like that
as well.   As far as I know, that's everything Groo in Spanish.  The only
other Spanish Groo item I have is a Groo shopping bag from Planeta-Agostini.
(And yes, it's on the List)

Other Sergio & Mark publications have come out in Spanish (Boogeyman,
Fanboy)  and little Groo appearances are in these publications, just as they
are in their english counterparts.  But I don't count reprints of mere
appearances, only reprints of the actual comics. So the Spanish Groo comics
are on the List, but the Groo appearances in reprints of other publications
are not.

Anywho, take care -Gary G.

PS  The total of International Groo comic publications is up to 162. That's
assuming 8 Turkish (not a solid figure) and not counting the weekly
Malaysian reprints)