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Me, Kev, Kev, Chett, Walt & Gene

hi groop!  (I've been quiet lately huh?  Busy busy.)

I got to spend some time with our very own Kev Hall this weekend!  Kev
clued me in that Walt Simonson (THOR, X-FACTOR etc.) and his wife Louise,
as well as Gene Colan (DAREDEVIL, DRACULA) would be at a comic shop in
Worcester.  He said it might be a good opportunity to have my latest comic
project (LINT McCREE MYSTERIES - I brought the cover & first 6 pages with
me) looked at by some professionals.  So I packed up my wife (Chett) and
co-writer (Kevin M.) (in some sturdy luggage) and made it a road trip.

Well, we got there early, and Kev Hall was busilly running around helping
the owners get set up (I guess he got drafted)... but I managed to pull him
aside for a minute and say "hi".  (We've met once before.)  And he
introduced me first to Gene Colan.  

My co-writer and I had prepared for the worst with our impending
critique.... but to our surprise, Mr. Colan liked it!  He told us to submit
it when it was done and that we should do well.  We were flaberghasted!
Expecting the worst, and getting a high compliment from a seasoned pro!
Cool!  But next up was one of my personal heroes... Walt Simonson.

I gritted my teeth, and mentally prepared myself to be ripped to pieces.
Fully expecting Walt's bearded smiling face to recoil in disgust the moment
he opened the binder...... wait... wait.... here comes the agony......
............ but it never came.  Walt and Louise looked over it.  Louise
told us that the book was very well laid out, flowed really well and had a
cool style.... ("wow!" I said to myself.... )  Walt then went into a full
fledged critique, telling me my strong points, and the places I needed to
polish up on.  Everything from my word balloon placement, to the crease on
the back of someone's jacket in one panel.... but above all he said, "This
is a great piece.  You just need to fix a few things and it can be a
professional effort."  Louise leaned over and said to me, "You may think
Walt was harsh, but he usually doesn't give reviews that good!"  So we
chatted for about 20 minutes or so, talked and joked, and I got Walt to
draw me Iceman from his X-factor days.  (He was surprised I didn't want
THOR!) and spent the rest of the afternoon at the store.

We went in expecting the worst and left with the best morale boost we could
have gotten about our new comic.  All thanks to Kev Hall.

If anyone wants to check out the website for our new comic project, it's:

(preview finished copies) due out in FEB/MARCH 2000.

~Nate "as long winded as Grossmann" Piekos
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