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Misc. Groo

Eric wrote:

> Oh no ...  You mean Chris is now Gary?!?
> Or Gary is now Chris, who is already Erin??

This is kind of hard to explain.  Let's just say it's one of those things
that can only happen on Zoltron and it's one of the reasons King Glorko is
in exile.  (Think how confusing it must be for Nate!  And Chet!)

Speaking of Nate (good segue, eh?) Congrats on the great feedback from
honest to goodness real professional comic artists!!!!!  (does this mean I
can sell the TWE's for a lot of money to pay for all the Groo stuff I bought
in 1999?)  And Kevin!  My goodness!  The unsung hero of the Groop!  Now what
you need to work on is getting That's Entertainment or somebody to bring
Sergio to New England and maybe get Mark to take a little detour when he's
in NYC to see Broadway shows!

Btw Mark:  Love your current series on Voice Actors in CBG.  And is there a
chance that someday Sergio will work with someone (like Kevin) to create a
website like Kevin has created for Gene Colan?

Greg wrote:

>Hey, if the "Unofficial" Groo count is over 1000, how
>many of those are number 1's Gary ?

Well, as is the case with so many of life's really important questions: It
Depends.  If you are just going by american and international comic books, I
think it's 28.  Some of those European countries like to start over at the
begining of each year and now every fourth issue from Dark Horse is a new
#1. Of course, that doesn't include the first graphic novel, the first trade
paperback, the first T-shirt, the first.....

Glorko wrote:

>As I was getting it at Keith's Comics, Keith said, "here you go, Groo
>fanatic." And I said, "I'm not as fanatical as Gary Grossmann." He said,
>"Garry's probably got a shed BUILT out of Groo lunchboxes!" Gary, your
>reputation preceeds you.

and then Gabe wrote:

> how the heck did your Comic Book Guy (tm) know about our Dessessbo?

THAT is a long and sordid tale involving one of my more bizarre Groo item
searches, (ultimately sucessful), the Dallas Fantasy Fair, and a guy (not
Keith) on the lam who, like apparently so many others in the comic book
industry, owes Mark Evanier money.