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Re: skins

Ummm.... somebody got their wires crossed somewhere... or its just too early in the morning is why this confuses me.

Gabe, but if anybody tries to take Sergio's skin, I'm sure we'd beat him severely...

PS: Eric, lighten up. It was a joke site clearly labeled OT. Not dirty or anything. I mean, if we start complaining about off topic stuff now...

From: "Irit Degani" <deganiirit@hotmail.com>
To: groo-l@hmc.edu
Subject: skins
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 14:49:41 GMT

Dear Mr. Aragones,

First, please allow me to say I've been watching your cartoons ever since I
first found out about Mad Magazine, when I was about 10 years old. I am a
cartoonist myself today, and still find great inspiraration in your work.

Therefore, I would like to recommend you to turn to this site:
www.hotbar.com/make.htm. That site offers you a way to put your own cartoons
- or anything else you choose - on your tool-bar, and even send that skin of
yours to whoever you like.

Please trust me I get absolutely no profit of sending you to that site. I
simply thought you would find it helpful and useful.

Thank you so much, and - I personally would LOVE to have a skin of your

All the best,

Irit Degani
Tel Aviv, Israel

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