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That darn prank sssite

In a message dated 12/14/99 6:06:50 PM, ericchun@hotmail.com writes:

>Yesss, but it intentionally messes up everyone's
>computer.  Sooo, it's off-limits.  Thisss is
>different from the time Gary infected everyone,
>'cause that was unintentional ...

I agree, although I persssonally found it humorousss, it isss inappropriate 
for a lissst. Better to sssend it to individualsss in the Groop who you think 
may enjoy it (sssuch asss myssself). 

By the way Eric, have you been bitten by a sssnake recently? I think you 
accidentally infected me with sssnakysssounditusss, the hissssssing virusss!!!

Larry SSS. AKA The SSShiek of Entropy

Ummm, do I really need to mention that I'm joking here? No one in the Groop 
would REALLY believe in a Hissing Virus, would they? 

Oh wait, Gary! 

Yo, Dessesbo, don't worry about a thing, Bro! There isss no sssuch thing asss 
a, uhhh, ummm, no sssuch thing, sssay, isss there a gassssss leak sssomewhere 
- EEEEEEEEEK! The Hissssssing Virusss?