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fight the power!

OK, Gary, Eric, Shrieky, et al:

It was a clearly labeled off topic post, no one forced ANYBODY to click on it, and bottom line, it ain't gonna hurt anybody's computers (Gary, if you had gone to the site, you'd seen it doesn't show anything that seems to hurt your computer, but is just straight annoying. Harmless, and easy to get rid of). As for being 'inappropriate' for this Groop...

What the heck qualifies as "appropriate"?

The only inappropriate things we've universally declared are dirty words, jokes, pics, etc., declaring yourself mayor, being a jerk, and I assume HTML files.

What if someone comes up with a really great practical joke next April Fools or something that everyone would enjoy (even Groo related god forbid) but decides not to do it cause jokes (practical or otherwise) have been banned by a *Groo List* for Mickey's sake?

Yes, I'm going out of my way to defend the post, cause I'm a firm believer in practical jokes, as long as they don't offend or hurt anybody (or their computer).


Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!

Stick it to the man! Practical Jokers are FOREVER! Hey, someone point me to who the Man is on the list, and I'll --- (rest censored by Eric)

Boy that'll show him!  And his dog won't like it much either.
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