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Re: ME is back!

I didn't know you were out so long!  Here is a portion of a message that
pertains to you:

Btw Mark:  Love your current series on Voice Actors in CBG.  And is there a
chance that someday Sergio will work with someone (like Kevin) to create a
website like Kevin has created for Gene Colan?

> how the heck did your Comic Book Guy (tm) know about our Dessessbo?

THAT is a long and sordid tale involving one of my more bizarre Groo item
searches, (ultimately sucessful), the Dallas Fantasy Fair, and a guy on the
lam who,
like apparently so many others in the comic book
industry, owes Mark Evanier money.

Lets see, I also mentioned all the cool stuff I have run across looking
through old San Diego Comic Con Programs, including articles and art by you.
Have you ever considered pulling a Stan Sakai and doing a comic book
written, drawn (and maybe even lettered) by just M.E.?

And finally, why didn't your McAfee anti-virus program work?

Take care -Gary G.

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>My computer virus problems seem to be solved.  If I missed any
>messages to which you need replies, please send 'em again.
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