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OT, kinda

Hey groop,

I've been lurking for a while now (3 months) and finally decided to
announce my presence, after all, i know all of you (relatively speaking,
of course) and i think it would be a real travesty if you did not know
the great entity that is me.  HA! yeah right, anyway.   
Groo Lovers Anonymous intro: Hi, my name's Meredith and I love groo.
 My best friend introduced me to him a few years ago and let me borrow a
chunk of comics from his large collection, which I have since forgotten
to return (did i err?).  I have since started a collection of my own and
I am up to a whopping 2 comics.  
other non interesting facts:
20 yr. old geology under grad at a college in upstate NY.  
but enough about me...

yours in Groo-dom,


ps. I think this relinquishes my lurking status, so you'll probably be
hearing from me a bit more.