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Re: OT, kinda

Welcome to the groop, Meredith. Unfortunately, you've made a decision that
will alter your life forever. And you so young. Tsk tsk. Such a pity! Ah
well, it can't be helped now. Might as well join in the goofiness and post
like the rest of us. Have fun!

Chris (who is actually Glorko, King of the planet Zoltron, in exile)

ps [(c) TGD] Your post wasn't OT in the least. It had everything to do with
the groop.

pps [(c) TGD] That is if OT is "off topic" and not "on topic".

>Hey groop,
>I've been lurking for a while now (3 months) and finally decided to
>announce my presence, after all, i know all of you (relatively speaking,
>of course) and i think it would be a real travesty if you did not know
>the great entity that is me.  HA! yeah right, anyway.
>Groo Lovers Anonymous intro: Hi, my name's Meredith and I love groo.
> My best friend introduced me to him a few years ago and let me borrow a
>chunk of comics from his large collection, which I have since forgotten
>to return (did i err?).  I have since started a collection of my own and
>I am up to a whopping 2 comics.
>other non interesting facts:
>20 yr. old geology under grad at a college in upstate NY.
>but enough about me...
>yours in Groo-dom,
>ps. I think this relinquishes my lurking status, so you'll probably be
>hearing from me a bit more.