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Young Thaais

about the math problem...

no, no, no, silly. I borrowed a chunk from friend, about 24, i still
consider them his, although temporarily out of his possession. I've had
them for like 2 years now (that might border on stealing, ya think?), I
do plan to return them over break (really this time).  I have started my
own collection by actually buying two for myself. better? which leads me
to a question for the groopers:
 been busy lately, exam time, ugh, (only 2 to go YAY!) so i haven't had
time to search for them myself. i bought epic #80 its part one of four
of the Thaais series (my favorite!) to add to my enormous collection,
and would like to find the other 3...so if anyone has extra copies...i'd
be willing to take them off your hands.

>Hey, another geologist on the Groop!  I finished my geology degree in
>January... what sort of rocks are you doing, or are you still doing a
>bit of everything?

Oh schist!! that's so cool, i've never met another Groo-Rock fan
like one of those 80's CD infomercials)...ever i think, gneiss! 
i still have to make my way through the whole "set your foundation"
shpeil before i actually start specializing in my interest.  Basically
narrowing down three choices.  I'm a computer science minor, so I 'd
like to get into the newer side of geology that's uses computers like
systems (that's what i will be doing for my senior thesis).  I'm taking
paleoclimatology next semester, and if i like that I might look into
GCM, but on the other hand planetary geology looks really cool.  
But I'm just starting out, so I don't know a great deal about any of
these, YET!! I love learning so I cant wait much longer...  

>How far upstate are you? I'm in the 
>Northern Suburbs of NYC (Rockland County),  which City and Long Island 
>Dwellers often call UPSTATE, much to the annoyance of my friend in Buffalo 
>(really, we're about as downstate as you can get)!

upstate, HAH!! that's definitely down state.  i'm in Saratoga Springs
is about half hour north of Albany. i really live in central NJ, but do
spend a lot of time in Brooklyn. 

ok, wasted enough of your and my time, have to go study silicates then
get intoxicated.