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Re: "Mexican" Fanboy/Groo

Chris/Glorko wrote:

>It's too easy; it's just too easy!

>> The description matches the recently published Spanish edition
>>... which you already have... so you already knew.

Well, yeah, but for every two or three easy ones, there's a Dallas Fantasy
Fair program from 1988 or a Telegraph Wire #12 from 1983 and I STILL haven't
found a copy of the Spring, 1977 SCENE Magazine or any of those darned Groo
buttons and you wouldn't believe the things I've done trying to do so!

btw, there is a tiny Groo in the latest MAD (#389) and also in the Blair
Which?  And don't forget, Sergio Stomps Star Wars is coming out in February,
so get your comic shops to order them now.  If they won't order one for you,
let me know and my comic book shop will order extras for you.  (And just
think, you'll be helping to support Kendra & Pat's new baby!! (Whose name is
not Erin)

Speaking of Erin, (you may want to skip this part) I'll be picking up the
most important Erin and my son Peter at the airport on Sunday. (yay!) My
other son, who was with the other Erin, not to be confused with cyber Erin,
who is either dead or never existed depending on your point of view, is
already home and is back with the other Becky, not to be confused with THE
Becky, who is my wife, the other Becky being the Becky he dumped shortly
before (one can only hope) he got together with the other Erin, who in turn
went the way of most summer romances.  I think there was someone else in
between the other Erin and the restart with the other Becky, but since her
name wasn't Becky or Erin, what does it matter?

And finally, to Dan (aka Rat) Saad, Chad, Jacob & Finn:  I FINALLY sent off
your posters (and your card Dan) today.  I am sorry it took so long.  Please
let me know when you get them.

Have a good weekend all and take care -Gary G.