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Re: Rocky Kevin (royal jester)??

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> My Dearest Kevin,
> People have been sent to the electric chair for less.
> -Gary G.

Can I be the royal Jester? Please?? Huh? Can I? Do you guys need a fool?
Would you take me for the fool that I am?? I'm eminently (sp?)
qualified!! I was born on Groo's day...I mean April Fool's Day.

If that doesn't get me the job, then I'll begin to tell puns on various
subjects until you finally give up & let me make a fool of myself!!

Shall we start with "salads"? I'll be dressing up LOTS of puns even if
you shout, "Lettuce alone! We can't take any more!" "Leaf you alone?!
Ha! I'll toss puns your way until you're completely bowled over!
Hmmmm??? I can turnip the pun level if necessary. Pepper you with
non-stop cruelty. Dish up puns until you finally fork over the title!!