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Re: Rocky Kevin (royal jester)??

You have proven your qualifications. You are the royal jester (in exile).
Now, please stop. I'm going to bed and want a good night's sleep.

King Glorko (who's fool enough)

(psssst. Get that electric chair warmed up!)

>Can I be the royal Jester? Please?? Huh? Can I? Do you guys need a fool?
>Would you take me for the fool that I am?? I'm eminently (sp?)
>qualified!! I was born on Groo's day...I mean April Fool's Day.
>If that doesn't get me the job, then I'll begin to tell puns on various
>subjects until you finally give up & let me make a fool of myself!!
>Shall we start with "salads"? I'll be dressing up LOTS of puns even if
>you shout, "Lettuce alone! We can't take any more!" "Leaf you alone?!
>Ha! I'll toss puns your way until you're completely bowled over!
>Hmmmm??? I can turnip the pun level if necessary. Pepper you with
>non-stop cruelty. Dish up puns until you finally fork over the title!!