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Re: Rocky Kevin (royal jester)??

Hi guys/grrls!

Kevin wrote:
Shall we start with "salads"? I'll be dressing up
LOTS of puns even if you shout, "Lettuce alone!
We can't take any more!" "Leaf you alone?!  Ha!
I'll toss puns your way until you're completely
bowled over!  Hmmmm??? I can turnip the pun level
if necessary. Pepper you with non-stop cruelty.
Dish up puns until you finally fork over the title!!

Like Charlie Browns' last words -- "Oh, good grief!"

As far as I'm concerned, Kevin winds the title.  I'm
blown away by his banter.  I can't think anymore, my
mind has been been permanently clouded by his light-
ning repartee ...  All hail the new King!  Long may
he rain!

See you.


Ps. Seriously -- Kevin, those puns were really great!!!
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