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Re: Zoltranian jester feast


Actually, you can wear whatever you want. It's kind of a wild affair, so
the clothes will come off at some point (preferably before the application
of the mariande). We are all so excited, Kevin. We're creating a new name
for you. (We couldn't just say "entree") The Zoltronian women have shaved
their backs in anticipation. Try eating lots of those tamales prior to the
feast. They'll help stretch your stomach. (Fatten you up, more likely.) Our
appetites are piqued.


>Somebody told me that the Royal Family was going to have me for dinner
>to celebrate my induction as Court Jester. I can't tell you how
>flattered I am. I will be sure to prepare at least 3 special sets of
>puns for this most auspicious occasion. Can anyone tell me what the
>Zoltronian dress code is for functions of this nature?
>Chester the Jester (aka The Fool formerly known as Kevin)