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Re: Zoltranian jester feast

Schechner & Associates wrote:

> of the mariande). We are all so excited, Kevin. We're creating a new name
> for you. (We couldn't just say "entree") The Zoltronian women have shaved

Entree??! I thought you were HAVING me for dinner, not having ME for

Heheh...um...I'm actually not that good at jesting...um...watch:

I just flew in from Zoltron...and boy are my arms tired!! Heheh.

I can't even pun very well...let's see...space puns: space is REALLY
big...it just sort of warps the mind how big it is...it's sort of
galactic in a universal way. See??!

I actually had someone else give me those rock & salad puns...um...it
was Ruben! Yeah, that's the ticket! You wouldn't BELIEVE the puns that
guy comes up with!! He's EMINENTLY more foolish than I!! And he already
even sounds like an entree...see:  Chicken Cacchitore...Ruben
Arellano...Veal Scalopini...see??!

I've even heard people in New York say they can't resist a good Ruben!!
So, enjoy the feast! Happy Zoltronian Merrymaking, etc. etc.

Kevin (the Fool FORMERLY known as the Jester)