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Actually, you're both right!  But any Claires have to be a member of the
immediate family and been born in Seoul.  And Wandas are allowed, but only
if you're a Wanda with false teeth, answer to the name Grama, and have the
same birthday as Clint Eastwood.  Any other female has to be a Becky or an
Erin.  (unless you are a dog, in which case you can be named Sneakers.  But
you have to be spayed.)

-Take care -Gary G.

PS  Nate!  I've only read The Blair Which? once and kind of looked for
Groos.  I only found one Groo, although I saw Chakaal, a separate Rufferto,
Usagi, and other things like that.  You said "Groos".  Do I need to look

PPS  Chad, you worry me.

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> Hi guys/grrls!
> Gabe wrote:
> >True.  Beckys and Erins are the only females
> >allowed in the Grossman household.  Real or
> >imagined, dead or otherwise.
> I think he also allows Claire(?).
> See you.
> Eric
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