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Re: Zoltranian jester feast

Entree??! I thought you were HAVING me for dinner, not having ME for dinner...!!!

Do you mean "ME" as in "I" as in "YOU", or "ME" as in "Mark Evanier" as in "NOT YOU" (Unless MARK is reading this post in which case it would be "ME" as in "You (Mark)"). Because as far as "I" which would be "Saad" knew (knows), Mark had/has nothing to do with the Zolrtoinan Jester Feast.

               -Saad Azim (As in "S.A" that is NOT "Sergio Aragones")

P.S. Gary, regarding "Wanda" (that is not "ME" or "YOU" or "Mark Evanier" or "HIM" or "THEY" or whatever...) is that a short for wanderer"??
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