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some sad news

I just heard on one of the other comic lists that Mark Cohen passed away
this week. If I'm not mistaken, he's the person who helped line up some
of Sergio's transactions with some of the Groop in the past. While I'd
emailed half a dozen times with him, I didn't really know him at all.
Maybe Mark can give us a more definitive take.

The following is just one of dozens of emails on the other list about
Mark. We all talk about comic companies & agents & dealers being
cold-hearted and just in it "for the buck". While, as I said, I didn't
know him that well myself, a LOT of the other folks who had dealt with
him over time had things like this to say:

> Mark tracked down my first and favorite piece of comic art for me.
> No matter my interests, which were pretty small time for his
> business, he always treated me like I was buying Frazetta originals.
> Mark was a great guy who helped to foster my interests in this
> hobby and will be sorely missed by myself, other collectors, and
> the literally hundreds of strip artists he represented.
> Saddened,

I can only hope that Mark is mixing it up now with some of the greats &
is seeing some artwork that we could only dream about! :) To those who
are interested, apparently his wife is asking that no flowers be sent,
and they're taking donations to a local hospice. If someone finds out
the details, perhaps they can share them with the Groop.