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Happy Holidays

Well, that egg-noggin, mistletoe'n, reindeer'n time of the year is upon us
again.  Tonight, Santa will creep down your chimney and skulk around your
house.  (If you're Christian that is. -- I don't know what the heck I am,
but Santa came all these years anyway.)  If you're not Christian and you
hear someone downstairs, get the baseball bat.

If I had one Xmas wish it would be..... that GROO would be a monthly series

No, wait.  That's a little selfish.  If I had 2 wishes it would be that
.... 1) There could be peace and harmony in the world forever, and 2) that
GROO would be a monthly series again.

Wait.  how 'bout 3 wishes?  OK okok....  oh, never mind.  To hell with
peace and harmony.  At least a monthly GROO is feasible.

Happy Hoildays, guys and gals.  I thank each and every one of you for
making every one of my days a little more interesting, funny and insightful.

(Apologies to Steve Martin & SNL)

~Nate "Egg Nog Boy" Piekos

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