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Re: Happy Holidays

WARNING: for those easily offended or to uptight, you know me, and can
delete this mail now!

Happy Bastard Son of God Day.
There I said it. Is it not true? The real reason for the festives this time
of year is th winter solstice, and nothing more, anything else was stolen by
myth makers, and then warped even further into the commercial machine it has
now become. I agree we need to be more compassionate, and loving towards our
fellow humans, but, we should be this way all year long, and not need a
special day or two set aside for it. Again you were warned about this mail.
Feel free to flame, it matters not, the majority know me. e can take it from
"if you could sacrifice your salvation and go to eternal damnation in hell
 so that another person would be saved, would you do it?"