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Re: Happy Holidays

> >No, wait.  That's a little selfish.  If I had 2 wishes it would be that
> >.... 1) There could be peace and harmony in the world forever, and 2)
> >GROO would be a monthly series again.
> If GROO were a monthly series again, there would be no peace and harmony
> the world . . . considering GROO's very nature, it would be  impossible
> these two particular wishes to coexist.

If Groo were a monthly series, there would be no peace and harmony in the
world because Sergio & Mark would have too much stuff to do and something
would have to give and if it wasn't Groo, we wouldn't get stuff like Blair
Which? & Fanboy!!!!

> Thanks to Gary Grossmann for the great Groo posters.  Not only did they
> arrive in excellent condition, but they arrived before the Winter Solstice
> and I was able to place the envelope under the tree and open the posters
> the 25th along with my other presents.  Gary, did you have the Groo stamp
> made or can one purchase that?  Cheers and happy holidays.
> finn

I had the stamp made after getting Mark's permission.  I think I need to
start taking it with me on the road and see how many rest stop & gas station
restrooms I can leave it on.

Take care all -Gary G.