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Re: anagrams

In a message dated 12/25/99 4:53:27 AM, ericchun@hotmail.com writes:

>mark evanier = naive remark
>sergio aragones = go raise oranges
>nate piekos = no take pies
>kevin hall = hill knave

More anagrams:

Eric Chun = Churn Ice (or Chin Cure)
Gary Grossmann = Sorry Man's Gang
Tracy Parrow (Unirabbit) = Warpy Carrot (Rub a bit in)
Daniel Bron = Born Idle
Magnus Lindgren = Danger! Glum Inns! 
Larry Steller = Lets Rally?Err?
Saad Azim = Sad Zamia 

I had to cheat on this last one and go to the dictionary; a zamia is "Any of 
a genus (Zamia) of cycads growing in Florida and tropical regions having a 
short, thick trunk, pinnately compound, palmlike leaves and short thick 
cones." I bet Unirabbit (sic) has one in her backyard! Hey, is this on topic 
if we say that if you chop up a sad zamia it can become mulch?

Enough for now, I'm mentally pooped (but I'll bet you knew that already).