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Re: Unidentified subject!; anagrams; holidays; BM toys, etc.


Not only is someone selling issue #1,3,6,&7 of DC Groo The Wanderer. But
someone else claims to have a DC Groo Chronicle issue #1 for sale.

Doesn't beat my Kitchen Sink Press special and my Slave Labor Groo graphic novel...

Seriously, hope everybody had a good holidays (mine were kinda... out there) and thanks again Saad for the picture. I was never good at making anagrams that mean anything, so I'll stay out of it (Gabriel Owens = ........). Eric seems to know a lot, but I'm think there's one for Bill Clinton he missed (it was real funny, wish I could recall it).

(Transfans ATL)
My mom in hazy state of mind bought me about four TM2s that I was missing. Still no TM2 Megatron though. Anyone see the new BM toys out Atlanta way? There not in central California, but ATT's getting reports of spotting them in the New York area. Of course we're just now finding Spittor and Blacky, so we'll probably have to wait. If someone in ATL gets Tankorr before me, send me a review (I'm dying for that toy!).


My keyboard to my laptop at home is kaput (my cat spilled water in it), so I'm unable to email during the weekends till I get a new one. (or get on MSN chat to my chatting friends, sorry : ( So if you don't hear from me then, just wait till Monday and I'll get back to you.

Let's all party like its 899! (Groo style!) or 2099!  (TF style!)

how's that for a consolidated post Gary!  Two different lists even!
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!

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