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Re: Comics Code

Mark recently did a three-part(?) or so series in his Comic Buyer's Guide
column that amounted to a short history of the early days of comic books,
including what precipitated the creation of the Comics Code. It also
included/segued into the story of Bill Gaines vs.the Same constipated brains
that gave us the communists witch hunts in the 50's, which could be
subtitled He Who Laughs Long and Last and Gets Rich While Creating and
Becoming a Beloved Cultural Icon in the Process Laughs Best!    I believe it
ran in August and September.  I could look up the issues and let you know.
If you don't have access to these, I suppose I could photocopy the columns
and send them to you. Although Mark may have some reference material for you
to look up yourself, which would be better since it would give you more than
one source of information. Let me know -Gary G.

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>      I'm doing a project (hopefully) for school on the comics code and I
> wondering if anyone knew of some really good sources for this project.
> greatly appreciate any help you guys can give.  Also, does anyone know if
> is planning to issue CD's to update Totally MAD each year?  Thanks.
> Bill