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Re: Transformers (OT)

Toy's Story 3!!!!!!


Kevin Hall wrote:

> OT=on transformers  :)
> There's a fellow from Ecuador that I work with on one of the other
> lists. He has some old 70s toys still in their boxes including some
> Transoformers. He asked if I wanted to sell them on ebay or something
> for him. I told him that there were some transformer nuts on the Groo
> list, and that they could advise him better than I could. He's going to
> send me the exact "names, numbers, info, etc." of the pieces he has
> today or tomorrow. Would anyone who's willing to help advise him of the
> best way to get rid of these please email me off list, & I'll connect
> you guys up. Thanks.
> Kevin
> PS Hmmmm...wonder what a "Groo transformer" would transform into?? :)