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Re: 2000

Hey,it was so weird being in the UStates but being called by my grooish 16
year old cousin at 6:00 pmUS time to wish me a happy new morning UK time
12:01am 2000. I would be out first foooting by now! YEY ! Scottish groupers
who know what that means!
Jenny Perrey

Clint Eastwood wrote:

> I'm going to take a quick break from lurking to say, I'm not impressed
> with the year 2000. The 40's and 50's totally lied to us. There are no
> flying cars, there are no cities on the moon, Soylent Green is not yet
> made from people. I am quite disappointed. The only bright spot is that
> my Groo collection seems to Y2K compliant, although, who could tell? All
> the jokes are at least a hundred years old to begin with. Happy Groo
> year.
> ---Bryan
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> Doubt is a thief that makes us fear to tread where we might have won.
> ---William Shakesphere
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