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Re: 2000

Hi Folks!

Well, it's the year 2000 for just about everyone except us West Coasters and
folks in Hawaii and a few other pacific islands. In fact, I imagine our
Pillipino (did I get that right?) ,

Nope. Filipino. I would say the only phrase I know in Tagalog, but its extremely tasteless...


(ahem) Aussie, Kiwis, ect.

Anywho, you notice I have not used the "M" word because that is a year off.

To quote Fox Mulder:  "No one likes a math nerd Scully."

But I look forward to discussing the next Groo Miniseries with you Dessessbo! Pipal's back!



Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!


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