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Re: Fighting the Arana (was Re: 2000)

> Too mundane.  The Groop will be destroyed in a spectacular and
> humorous manner. The last email will be a moral from ME, something
> like "Fools who talk about Groo are bound to end up like him".
Since Groo is a fool, how can fool wind up like Groo. Or is it such that "All that is Groo is Fool, but not all that is Fool is Groo".

So we'll all end up getting chased off the internet by hordes of rampaging global-villagers yelling "Hurt Groopers" "Kill Groopers" "Burn Groopers"...?

You forgot "Mulch Groopers"...

MULCH.  The other "M" word!!

-Saad "My computer isn't affected by Y2K. It crashes repeatedly REGARDLESS of what year it is" Azim
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