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Re: 2000

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> Well, it's the year 2000 for just about everyone except us West Coasters and
> folks in Hawaii and a few other pacific islands.  In fact, I imagine our
> Pillipino (did I get that right?) , Ausi & New Zealand Groopies are already
> bored with the festivities, nursing hang overs, and looking forward to the
> first truly monumental event of the 2000's; the start of the next Groo
> Mini-Series in a few weeks!

I sent Gary a package on the last day of 1999 (31 st Disember Malaysian time -
in US, it's still 30th Disember) a few hours before we wait if Y2K bug will
attack any system here.  But now after 23 hours, nothing happen yet - maybe we
over reacted on this Y2K bug (the whole world over reacted on Y2K bug).

> One of the reasons I'm on line is because I heard somewhere that the phone
> company has asked folks NOT to be online between 11:00 and 1:00, so screw
> that!

I read in the newspaper that it happened in New Zealand where telefone line was
shut down for an hour. (Please confirm Greg Craill)

> Anywho, you notice I have not used the "M" word because that is a year off.
> I wonder if they will crank things up again to make more money next year.

I agreed!!!! because we will enter a new Millinium when the current millinium
ends and it ends after 2000 years where now we just ended 1999 years.  Next year
there will be another milinium stamps, millinium celebrations, millinium babies
and othwer things that has the word "millinium" on it.  Actually what people
curious about the year 2000 is "the Millinium bug".

> Man, I hope not!!!  Personally, I've been incredibly bored with it for
> months and I'm a numbers guy!   To me the perfect place to be for the year
> 2000 would be on the east side of the International dateline at Noon on
> December 31, 1999, and then cross over to the west side so it would be Noon
> or there abouts on Jan 1, 2000.  I'd miss all the fuss.

Me too, especially those who are too afraid about Y2K bug, those who are over
reacted.  Most of the softwares we use ware built after 1990 which 99.99% is Y2K
compliance.  So goes the hardware.  The problem is those software ands hardware
built before 1990 and which manipulates the date heavily such as in banking
where COBOL was popular. (COBOL has problem in having 4 digits for year).

> Does anyone out there know what the various years are for non-Western
> Calendars? I know some are lunar and so it makes things messy.   I haven't
> had a chance to do the research.  But I think it's about the year 4600 and
> something on the Chinese calendar, I think the Jewish calendar is a couple
> hundred years behind that, and I think it's only about 1350 under the
> Islamic calendar. Hey, if the Egyptians had maintained a calendar, it would
> be about the year 6500!!!! (or something like that)  I read somewhere that
> there is something called the Julian Period (not to be confused with the
> Julian calendar, although they are related), that back dates things to 4670
> BC.  I guess nothing happened before that worth dating.  So is it really the
> year 6670 (actually it would still be 6669 here for another 20 minutes)

In Islamic calendar, this is the year 1420 where the first day of the year was
17 April 1999 (1st Muharram 1420).  While the first day for 1421 will be this
coming 6th April.(1st Muharram 1421) (on 5th April, the last day of 1420 Hijrah
year is 30th Dzullhijjah1420) Islamic calendar has about 10 - 11 day less than
the western calendar.  It is because it follows the Moon movement around the
earth (lunar) compard with the western calendar which follows the Earth movement
around the sun.  The Islamic Calendar is called Hijrah calendar. and this year
is called 1420 Hijrah year.  Hijrah means moving from one place to another
(exodus).  It begins when the prophet Muhammad move from Macca to Madina 1420
tears ago.  We celebrate the Hijrah new year by reading Quran, having religious
activities such as religious talks and praying.

> Anywho (again), now that I have bored you to tears, I'll remind you that
> when we take over the world, we will decree and impose the Groo calendar
> that would make this new year only the year 18.  Everything else will be BG.

Like the Pinky and Brainy cartoon, the lab mouse who want to take over the world
in just 1 night.Anyway, how's Y2K bug in the US and around the world?  it's OK
in Malaysia - no case so far.

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper.
The Malaysian Ambassador to Groop