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Re: 2000, Jewish calendar

The Jewish (lunar) calendar is currently in the year 5760.

~Vaughn Seward

I know some are lunar and so it makes things messy.   I haven't
had a chance to do the research.  But I think it's about the year 4600 and
something on the Chinese calendar, I think the Jewish calendar is a couple
hundred years behind that, and I think it's only about 1350 under the
Islamic calendar. Hey, if the Egyptians had maintained a calendar, it would
be about the year 6500!!!! (or something like that)  I read somewhere that
there is something called the Julian Period (not to be confused with the
Julian calendar, although they are related), that back dates things to 4670
BC.  I guess nothing happened before that worth dating.  So is it really the
year 6670 (actually it would still be 6669 here for another 20 minutes)