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Re: Millenium Request

In a message dated 12/31/99 7:22:48 PM, ba0996@bnv-bamberg.de writes:

<< Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Saad schrieb:

> Hola folks!
> If any Groopie/Grooper/Whatever is reading this post on a timezone where you
> have allready celebrated the New Year would you please be kind enough to
> reply to this post before it is the year 2000 in America.  It would be
> pretty interesting to recieve a message in December 31st 1999, which was
> sent out on January 1st, 2000.
>                                          -SatsuiNoHadouNiMezameta Saad

Greetings from the future to all on the list. Have a happy new year, power 
your computers during the change of the year and expect a little time to have
them restarted. (My Win 95 didn't  like to boot at first, that made me quite

    So far, my computer seems to be working all right. I'm sending this out 
from New York City, where, last night, I was among the crowds in Times Square 
for the Millennium. (Some columnist said that, having surveyed Americans as to
 where they'd like to be for the beginning of 2000, it seemed about 40% 
wanted to end up in Times Square. From the condition and number of people, 
I'm ready to believe that 40% did...)

    I got there at 2 AM and had to wait for 10 hours to avoid losing my 
place...it wasn't comfortable (especially bathroom arrangements or lack 
thereof, which were bad enough for the men, and almost impossible for the 
women), but it was exciting. A lot of that (and the street restrictions) were 
chalked up to the current Mayor of New York, said by my friends here to be a 
control freak (and justly so; he was partly responsible for the lack of 
facilities by getting all the local restaurants and Broadway plays to close) 
who forced everyone departing to stick to specific streets and often (as in 
my case) go several long blocks in the wrong direction. But at least nobody 
was trampled. I may have shown up on TV (the cameras panned over my group a 
few times; we were right near the intersection of 47th St. and 7th Ave.) but 
so far nobody I've talked to has seen me...