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Re: Anti-2000

I agree with Nate!

btw, I found a site that talks about how the Christian calendar has been
adopted as the primary or secondary worldwide calendar for purposes of
commerce.  Its religious origins are coincidental and immaterial.   It also
gave the following Gregorian date for when different calendars started:

Jewish:  Monday, September 7, 3761 B.C.
Mayan:   August 13, 3114 B.C.
Christian:  January 1, A.D. 1
Indian:  March 21, A.D. 79
Islamic:  Thursday, July 18, A.D. 622
Zoltronian: March 1, 1952
Groo:  February, 1982

The Chinese calendar goes back to around 2600 BC, but runs on a 60 year
cycle with no official begining.

And how do you like that King Glorko!  Having the Zoltron calendar start on
his birthday!  You'd think we were just a bunch of slimy amoeba slithering
around eating each other before he showed up! .......Hmmm.  OK, so maybe we
were!  But that's not the point!

Take care all -Gary G.

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> It's the first of Jan. and I'm already sick of hearing about how hard it's
> going to be to remember to sign checks with 2000, and "Hey is your
> all right?" and "Some nut might still have a suitcase nuke in New York....
> it's not over yet."..... ugh.
> But I'm happy about the new year.  Even though 2001 is actually the
> millenium since there's no year zero.  But the whole thing is based on a
> Catholic calendar that means nothing in the grand scheme of the universe.
> (I'm starting to sound like Squirrel!)
> But we're all happy and healthy, and for brief moments last night, parts
> the world were unified in celebration.  That's what matters.
> So when I finish a drawing do I put my sig followed by double zeros?
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