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Dates in other calendars

Hey, check this out for other calendars including the following:

49th year of H.M. Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada
Era of Alexandria 7492 (Coptic)
Buddhist Year 2543
Year 225 of American independence
3rd year of the 694th Olympiad
... and many, many others...


~Vaughn Seward

>> I know some are lunar and so it makes things messy. I haven't had a chance to do the research. But I think it's about the year 4600 and something on the Chinese calendar, I think the Jewish calendar is a couple hundred years behind that, and I think it's only about 1350 under the Islamic calendar. Hey, if the Egyptians had maintained a calendar, it would be about the year 6500!!!! (or something like that) I read somewhere that there is something called the Julian Period (not to be confused with the Julian calendar, although they are related), that back dates things to 4670 BC. I guess nothing happened before that worth dating. So is it really the year 6670 (actually it would still be 6669 here for another 20 minutes) >>