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Re: anagrams

Hi guys/grrls!

Saad wrote:
Where did you get the Anagrams? From a Web Page?

Larry wrote:
Ummm, no. I just took out a pad and pencil and played
around with letter combinations. It's fun! I have no
doubt that that's what Eric is doing too; I don't see
him going to a web site to anagram for him.

Uh, actually, my anagrams were from various sources ... Some were from emails, some were from web site results, and some were from web site results used as the init- ial break, then I rearranged some stuff ... Therefore, moreover, and as a result, I hereby have to say that Larry is the king of anagrams since he did it all from scratch!!!

There's a section on the comics page in the San Jose
Mercury News where single words are scrambled, and you
have to unscramble them.  I'm quite good at that, but
when you combine multiple words, that's a whole new
ball game ...

See you.

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