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Bigfoot sighted in Malaysian village: report

Bigfoot sighted in Malaysian village: report

      KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 2 (AFP) - A tiny Malaysian village is abuzz with
talks of an alleged sighting of a local bigfoot
      known as the "mawas," a report said Sunday.

      Villager Liong Chong Shen claimed he saw the huge ape-like animal
in his orchard in a remote area in the southern
      state of Negeri Sembilan several days ago, the Sunday Star

      Liong told the newspaper he was busy tending fruit trees in his
orchard when he sensed a strong animal scent and
      heard grunts nearby.

      "My heart started pounding faster when I saw two mawas standing
near the rubber trees as I feared they would attack
      me," he said. "I was about 10 meters away from them and I have a
clear view."

      One of the animals was about 1.83 meters tall and with long black
and shiny hair all over its body and face while the
      other was shorter, about 1.52 meters tall with long brownish hair,
he said.

      The animals just stared at him and walked away into the jungle, he