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Re: Anti-2000

Um, for a numbers man, Gary, you're pretty lousy with numbers. If this is
year 48 on the Zoltronian calendar with next year (49) starting next March
1, that means the calendar began on March 1, 1951! Just for that, I declare
you a bunch of slimy amoeba slithering around eating each other.

Glorko from the planet Zoltron

PS. Of course, the Zoltronian usurpers have changed the calendar back to
the original Voofraxian calendar since I left. (Ptooie! I spit on their

>Jewish:  Monday, September 7, 3761 B.C.
>Mayan:   August 13, 3114 B.C.
>Christian:  January 1, A.D. 1
>Indian:  March 21, A.D. 79
>Islamic:  Thursday, July 18, A.D. 622
>Zoltronian: March 1, 1952
>Groo:  February, 1982
>And how do you like that King Glorko!  Having the Zoltron calendar start on
>his birthday!  You'd think we were just a bunch of slimy amoeba slithering
>around eating each other before he showed up! .......Hmmm.  OK, so maybe we
>were!  But that's not the point!