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New Groopie introduction

Hi All,

  I just recently re-discovered my pastime of collecting
Groo Comics.  I got up to date with the new DH issues
of Groo (1-4) and Groo & Rufferto (1-4) and as always
am impressed with the artwork and story lines that go
into these unique comics!  A rundown of my collection
shows only a few issues missing - Pacific #s 5 and 8
and Epic #s 2 and 3.  Other than a few of the Groo
reprints I've got 'em all ... Now wasn't that stupid of me!
Anyhow, if anybody has a Pacific 5 or 8 issue in M/NM
shape that they are willing to part with or an Epic 2 or 3,
I'd be willing to part with some coin for them for sure.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be aboard and can't hardly wait for
the next Groo mini-series to come from DH comics.