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Re: [Fwd: Re: New Groopie introduction]

> Welcome, Craig. For your info: a groopie is a screaming teenage girl who
> blindly follows rock stars everywhere. A Grooper is a big fish.

Isn't that a Goober? Or is a Goober some form of obscure American slang that
means anything but big fish thing? (I wouldn't know, I'm English).

> Groop Awards & decided we were big fish. Of course, there is a revolting
> faction of us who still want to be screaming teenage girls, but that's
> for each fish to decide on his/her own.

Well, I've been a teenage screaming girl once already and now only do that
for certain types of party and whenever I want to scare my friends :)

> Kevin (former court Jester to Glorko, exiled king of Zoltron)

(Kevin! They can see you!)

(/delu.../delur..dammit, kickstart you!)

Does for humanity.

"I must go now because your father has just said something
that upset me and I must have it out with him" - my Mum